Calhoun County Coupons is seeking businesses to be included in our database. Do you own/operate or know of a business to be included, it can be submitted here. Your recommendations can help others safe money.

Businesses and services are needed in these areas of Calhoun County, Battle Creek, Springfield, Pennfield, Marshall, Homer, Athens, Albion, Urbandale, Burlington, Home, Tekonsha and Union City. Bedford Township, Emmett Township

If a category / subcategory does not exist – drop the staff a note and we will review adding it for businesses to be listed. We are seeking listings in many if the following Categories/Subcategories.

Restaurants and Dining

Asian dining; Chinese Buffet; Family style; BBQ; Pizza; Chicken; Deli/Sandwich; Mexican and Hispanic; Ice Cream Parlors; Coffee Shops; Donuts; Healthy Options; Italian; Micro Brewery; Full Service Restaurants; Mediterranean, Other???

Medical Services and Providers

Chiropractor; Vision; Hearing; Massage; Pharmacy; General Medicine; Medical Insurance; Dental

Business to Business Services

Taxes; Bookkeeping; Printing; Security systems; Security guards; HVAC; Consulting; Mentorship. Internet services, website design, computer systems. Payment processing and Point of Sale.

Also businesses needed in these areas

Car, Truck and Automotive

Towing; Engine/Driveline Repair Shop; Body repairs; Glass; Auto Parts; Mobile Repairs; Customizing; Tires & Rims; Motorcycle; Dealers New; Used Car Lots. Financing; Insurance and SR22; Electronics; Air Conditioning; Oil Change/Preventive Maintenance; Wash & Detailing; Rental & Leasing.

Personal financial services and products

Tax; Estate Planning; Insurance; Investments; Retirement planning.

Home & Living Spaces

Glass & Mirror; Plumbing repairs and service; Electrical contractors; Handyman and light repairs; Drywall/paint; Remodel and additions; Roofing and gutters; Exterior paint and maintenance; Security systems; Pest control; Heating & cooling; Other Services; Hardware stores; Used furniture; Furniture new; Appliances repairs; Appliances used; Interior design, Appliances new

Personal Services and Products

Barber shops; Hair Salons; Nail Salons; Martial Arts; Hobbies; Craft; Tattoos; Tanning; Wedding & Events; Fitness Trainers; Dry Cleaning. Alteration/Tailoring; Florists and flowers; Veterinarian; Pet & house sitting; pet grooming; pet supplies; manicure pedicure; Pet training; Professional and Family Portraits

Lawn and Garden

tree trimming; Small engine repair; Snow plowing; Garden services; lawn mowing and maintenance; Greenhouses and plants; Fencing; Patio and Lawn furniture

Additionally businesses needed in these categories.

Recreation and Sports

Hunting and Fishing; ORV – Off Road Vehicles; Winter Sports; Water sports and activities; Bowling; Laser Tag; Paint Ball; Escape room; Hiking and Climbing; Photography Equipment, Firearms, guns and weapons.

Career Training

Massage; Cosmetology; CDL and Truck Driver; Manicurists, pedicurists and nail artists; Hair stylist; Cooking and Chef

Education and Schools

CCW / Concealed carry-Weapon; Pilot and Flying lessons; Beginners Drivers License; Animal Experiences; School tutors; Mentorships; Gym / Workout; Motorcycle License; Hunting and Gun safety; Music Lessons; Life Coaching

Shopping and Retail

Asian and Oriental Market; Hispanic foods; Clothing; Jewelry; Makeup and Personal Care; Intimates; Herbal/Vitamins/Supplements; Greenhouses; Grocery stores; Beef, Pork and Poultry Butchers; Farmer direct; Cigar Shops; Recreational and Medical Cannabis; Shoes, Foot wear and bootery.

Miscellaneous and Other Professionals

Legal services and consulting; Funeral planning and services; Immigration law and VISA assistance.  Real estate loans and Real estate broker/agent. Bail bonds.

We are seeking businesses to add to our growing lists. DO you have the next one we should have..

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