Does your business offer discounts, coupons, online specials, rebates or special deals? If so, we want to include you in our listings. You may submit your request for consideration. You may also request permission to do your own updates and modifications. Contact us for any questions or issues.

Businesses may be added to our listings via the + Add Listing button or use the “Contact Us” to send the information. We will do the mundane work for you.



Submission Rules

  • County Coupons, LLC. a Michigan LLC, reserves the exclusive right to edit, alter, verify or deny any suggested business. Here after County Coupons, LLC shall be referred to as CCC.
  • CCC has the right to limit the number of business/services listed in any category or subcategory based solely on it’s opinion.
  • All businesses submitted for review must be legally operating or providing services in Calhoun County, MI. 
  • All uploaded images must be the property of business/service being submitted for consideration. CCC reserves the right to edit or crop images to maintain conformity with other images. Images must be appropriate to the business. 
  • All submitted businesses must offer some form of discount to be accepted and must continuously provide indicated coupons/discounts/specials/savings. Any business reported and verified as no longer providing the coupons/discounts/specials/savings will be removed. Businesses may change discounts/etc provided the CCC is updated.
  • If you do not see an appropriate category for your business/service, plus submit the basics in Miscellaneous. We will review your submission and if accepted, will contact you for additional information as needed after creating an appropriate category. If there is not an appropriate subcategory, please submit to the main category, if accepted, a subcategory will created and the submission will be moved.
  • By submitting a business/service for consideration, you affirm you have the authority and permission to submit the business/service for consideration.
  • CCC, does not provide any compensation, reward, award, reimbursement, provide payment or fee for unsolicited business submissions.
  • Verified business owners/managers can be granted access to modify, change or update their listing(s) at anytime without the need to contact staff.
  • “Free Estimates” does not qualify as a special, discount, etc.

Why include your business or service on

  • Based in Southwest Michigan, County Coupons, LLC. is your local partner, not some far away remote corporation.
  • We live, work, play where you do – Southwest Michigan.
  • Your privacy is assured. Your email address and any other personal information is NEVER sold, shared, traded or released to any outside parties except under court order. You will not be added to any marketing lists and we will only contact you about questions regarding the information you submit. You control what is displayed to the public.
  • Online coupons can be hosted by Calhoun County Coupons if your business/service does not have a website. Please contact us for additional information and requirements.
  • If you have a special need or requirement, reach out and ask – we might be able to assist you or connect you with a business we also represent locally.
  • It is free for all basic listings


Your business may qualify for other County Coupons, LLC listings.


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